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Direct a Show

Interested in directing a production at Town & Gown? Applications for the 2023-2024 season are now closed.


How It Works

Every year, the Board of Directors forms a Play Selection Committee to review play submissions from potential directors for an upcoming T&G season. The committee is charged with the task of reading and understanding all the submissions and submitting their recommendations for the Board to consider. We use this process to continue bringing live theatre entertainment to audiences year after year.

Considerations for Directing
  • Plays (no more than 2 per director) should be submitted to a selection committee or Board member by the expected director. Include the form and a copy of the script. For musicals, please include an audio CD. If you’ve never directed a show at Town & Gown before, include your theatre resume

  • Summary of show (including run time)

  • Cast & Crew Breakdown (sex and ages of cast, special abilities required, crew needed, etc.)

  • Technical Requirements (sound, lights, music, makeup, special effects, etc.)

  • Director’s Notes (vision for show, marketing ideas, etc.)

  • Preferred performance dates:

    • September (season opener) 

    • November 

    • February

    • April

    • Summer (typically a musical)

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