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Audition FAQ

Auditions are made to be easy at Town and Gown Theatre. Choose which audition you want to attend, show up, and give it your best shot. No headshots, resumes, or prepared monologues are required for most auditions. That said, audition requirements can vary. Make sure to read the specific audition requirements on our Upcoming Auditions page for the best information about preparing for your audition.

Who can audition?

Anyone can audition, no experience is necessary in most cases. Watch for cast requirements such as age, gender or a specific skill set.


What should I bring to the audition?

Just you! Auditioning can be nerve-wracking and directors know that. Come with a good attitude and show them what you’ve got. There is no need to bring a resume or headshot.


What can I expect at an audition?

When you arrive, you will likely fill out a form for the director. It usually includes your contact information, past experience, any conflicting dates during the rehearsal and performance dates as well as the role you are auditioning for. Most auditions consist of cold readings from the script as picked by the director. With musicals, it is often necessary to have a prepared song to sing for the musical director. Some directors may have you do some improvising, but that is specific to the director and their needs.


How will I find out if I got a part?

Sometimes a director will have a call back when he or she needs to see more from the actors who auditioned. After the director has chosen the cast, they contact them to make sure everyone is available and willing to take the part they are offered. This can take up to a week or more after auditions depending on the size of the cast. The director will usually contact everyone via email before anything is announced to the public or on social media.


Where are auditions held?

Auditions are normally held on a Sunday and Monday at 7 pm at Town & Gown Theatre. It is important to check the Events section to know specific dates and times.


What if I don’t get a part? Can I still help with the production?

YES! We need volunteers backstage for production support. Let the director know at auditions you are willing to help should you not get a part. Usually, those that auditioned will be offered support crew positions first should they not get an acting role.


Can anyone watch the auditions?

This is specific to the director’s desire. Sometimes friends and family members can watch but most of the time the director will close auditions to the public. They can be there in the lobby to support you, hug you, and congratulate you when you are finished.

Still have questions?

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